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Gentleman's Magazine 1860 part 2 p.399
[Amoun]derness, but originally from Savigny, in France. The ruins of the abbey are of Norman and Early English architecture; the whole length of the church is said to be 287 ft., the nave 70 ft. broad, whilst the walls are in some places 54 ft. high and 5 ft. thick, the windows and arches being unusually lofty. There are also the remains of the chapter-house and cloisters, and of the school-house, a large building detached from all the rest. The immediate precincts of the abbey, which comprehend a large space, are enclosed by a stone wall, covered by the ruins of numerous small buildings, and in one part is an arched gateway. The stone employed in the building was originally of a pale red colour, but from the action of time and weather it has now assumed a dusky-brown tint. In the visit to the abbey the party received valuable aid from Mr. Paley, architect, of Lancaster, and a member of the Liverpool Society.
After a dinner at the Furness Abbey Hotel, many beautiful photographs, shewing various portions of the ancient abbey, were exhibited. They were taken by Mr. Keith, photographer, of Liverool.
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