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Page ix:-
hand of improvement. In sequestered districts, they still form interesting features in the scenery.

With regard to the Climate, this country being mountainous, and mountains being the natural resting-place of clouds, rain is frequent; it comes down, however, not in cold drizzling showers, but heartily, and is almost always succeeded by bright clear weather; then the streams,

'As at first creation, and in haste
To exercise their untried faculties,
Descending from the region of the clouds,
And starting from the hollows of the earth,
More multitudinous every moment, rend
Their way before them.'
Days of unsettled weather, with partial showers, are frequent, which, as they fly along from hill to hill, alternately brighten or darken them, revealing the deep coves of the mountains, and again wrapping them in sombre gloom.

'- The clouds,
The mist, the shadows, light of golden suns,
Motions of moonlight, all come thither, touch,
And have an answer - thither come, and shape
A language not unwelcome to sick hearts
And idle spirits.'
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