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and shipping, with the Infirmary: and over all, far away, are seen the range of mountains, amongst which we have been so long roaming, Helvellyn just discernible, Blencathra peeping over the Stack between Carrick Fell and High Pike, beyond which towers the noble Skiddaw. On the left again of the cathedral, lies the densest part of the city, in whose serrated ridge may be distinguished Saint Cuthbert's Church, and the Town Hall, the round towers of the Court Houses, and the slender spire of Christ Church, in Botchergate. Over the lengthened bridge is a tract of rich land, sprinkled with farm-steads and seats; and beyond the woods of Corby, the eastern fells terminating in the distant but aspiring Crossfell. Nearer at hand, the high banks are enlivened with the ancient village of Stanwix and the hamlet of Etterby. By moving into the field behind, and looking in the contrary direction, the panorama is completed, from Criffel rising in azure over the long silvery tide of the Solway, which is visible, Burnswark, and the distant range of Scotch mountains, to the crags, bounding the wastes of Gilsland and Bewcastle.
  Carlisle Castle
The Castle is at the north-west corner of the city, on a bold eminence overlooking the river Eden. It was begun in the reign of William Rufus, since which it has undergone many changes, and been the scene of various historical occurrences. At present it consists of a large area, surrounded by strong walls, entered through an embattled gateway, in which the portcullis still frowns, and within
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