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Page 69:-
It is situated at the foot of steep mountains, and was rebuilt in 1706, Joseph Harris being chapel-warden, as an inscription declares. Further on is a small bridge over the Seathwaite-arm of the Derwent. The road to the right leads by Seatoller to Buttermere, which we shall have occasion to notice afterwards. Seathwaite Bridge and village combine happily with Aaron End and Sprinkling, which cross the head of the valley, above which Great End swells sublimely, having on the left Keppel Cove and Hind Crag, and on the right Bays Brown. Hence may be visited the famous

  black lead mine, Seathwaite

Which is in the south-east part of Giller Coom, flanked at its ends by Seatoller Fell and Bays Brown. It has been opened at different places, where the wad had probably appeared on the surface. This curious and valuable substance is met with in masses, often at a considerable distance from each other, and found with great difficulty in a rock of grey felspar porphyry. When the mine was first opened, has not been ascertained. Formerly it was wrought only at intervals, and in such a manner as to keep up the price of the article; but not being so rich in quantity, and inferior also in quality, it is now carried on regularly to meet the increased demand. A house is built over the mouth, where the workmen are examined every time they leave the mine; but owing to the great value of the
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