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wears a modern appearance, and although deprived of many of those delightful studies which enamoured the artist Green, possesses more of internal comfort. The chapel, standing at the north end of the town, on an elevated station, was rebuilt in 1822, by a rate; it had been made parochial in 1675, by the Bishop of Chester. The town also reaps the benefit of a well-endowed grammar-school, founded by John Kelswick in 1721.
Such is the suitable position of Ambleside, that several short walks and excursions may be taken; and these again can be agreeably varied by others of greater distance, and requiring longer time.

  Stockghyll Force
Rises in the Screes on Scandale Fells, not far from Kirkstone, and divides the town of Ambleside. The finest part of the stream is between the Woollen Mill and the Force. In looking up the river from its bed, the Pike of Wansfell forms a fine apex. Proceeding along the edge of a chasm for a short distance, the Fall bursts upon the sight of the visitor, when standing on the brink of the precipice opposite to it, and at a point midway between the top and bottom. Its height is about one hundred and fifty feet, and it is divided at the summit by a huge crag into two streams, which again unite before they are finally precipitated into the basin below; from which the waters rush along a gill, luxuriantly adorned with rock and wood, and wind-
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