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Drayton's Poly Olbion, Cumbria, 1622

Transcription of the parts for Cumbria, Westmorland, Cumberland, Lancashire north of the sands, from part 2 of Poly Olbion by Michael Drayton, published by John Marriott, John Grismand and Thomas Dewe, London, 1622. The edition used is in the Bodleian Library, Oxford.
source type: Drayton 1612/1622 text
Italics are preserved. Various prefatory pages from part 1 and part 2 are lumped together. The marginals are added by the present editor, and are biased toward a Cumbria interest. Drayton's marginals are transcribed as footnotes, which is the function most of them have.
There is a frontispiece added to a late printed version of the text, a print, perhaps of Michael Drayton, drawn by J Harding, published by E and ?J Harding, Pall Mall, London, 1794.
Printed bottom left, right, centre:-
[J] Harding delt. / R [C ] / Pubd. Septr. 1794 by E & [ ] Harding, Pall Mall.
The pages relevant to Cumbria are in part 2.
Cumberland and Westmorland:-
map, labelled upper right:- 161
The 30th song pp.161-168
map, labelled upper right:- 129
The 27th song pp.129-137
Notrhumberland (Hadrian's Wall):-
map, labelled upper right:- 151
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