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preface to part 2, 2:-
wise to expresse them) sticke not to say, that there is nothing in this Island worthy studying for, and take a great pride to bee ignorant in any thing therof; for these, since they delight in their folly, I wish it may be hereditary from them to their posteritie, that their children may bee beg'd for Fooles to the fift Generation, untill it may be beyond the memory of man to know that there was ever any other of their Families: neither can this deterre mee from going on with Scotland, if Meanes and Time doe not hinder me, to performe as much as I have promised in my first Song:

Till to the sleepy Maine, to Thuly I have gone,
And seene the Frozen Isles, the cold Deucalidon,
Amongst whose Iron Rocks, grim Saturne yet remains,
Bound in these gloomy Caves with Adamantine Chaines.
And as for those Cattell whereof I spake before, Odi profanum vulgus & arceo, of which I account them, bee they never so great, and so I leave them. To my friends, and the lovers of my Labors, I wish all happinesse.
Michael Drayton.
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