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page 137:-
  Leven, River
  Kent, River
  Kent Valley

Which those two mighty Meres, upon her either sidey
Contribute by recourse, that out of very pride,
Shee leaves her ancient name, and Fosse her selfe doth call,
Till comming to the Sands, even almost at her fall,
On them her ancient Style shee liberally bestowes.
Upon the East from these, cleere Ken her beautie showes,
From Kendale comming in, which she doth please to grace,
First with her famous Type, then lastly in her race,
Her name upon those Sands doth liberally bequeath,
Whereas the Muse awhile may sit her downe to breath,
And after walke along tow'rds Yorkshire on her way,
On which shee strongly hopes to get a noble day.
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