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dedication, part 1:-
dedication, part 1
  Henry, Prince of Wales
THis first part of my intended Poeme I consecrate to your Highnes: in whom (beside my particular zeale) there is a naturall interest in my Worke; as the hopefull Heyre of the kingdoms of this Great Britaine: whose Delicacies, Chorographicall Description, and Historye, be my subject. My Soule, which hath seene the extreamitie of Time and Fortune, cannot yet despaire. The influence of so glorious and fortunate a Starre, may also reflect upon me: which hath power to give me new life, or leave me to die more willingly and contented. My Poeme is genuine, and first in this kinde. It cannot want envie: for even in the Birth, it alreadie finds that. Your Gracious acceptance, mighty Prince, will lessen it. May I breath to arrive at the Orcades (whither in this kind I intend my course, if the Muse faile me not) I shall leave you whole British Empire, as this first and southerne part, delineated:
To your HIGHNES,
the most humbly devoted,
caption to facing illustration:-
  Henry, Prince of Wales

BRitaine, behold here portray'd, to thy sight,
Henry, thy best hope, and the world's delight;
Ordain'd to make the eight Great Henries, nine:
Who, by that vertue in the trebble Trine,
To his owne goodnesse (in his Being) brings
These severall Glories of th'eight English Kings;
Deep [1] Knowledge, [2] Greatness, [3] long Life, [4] Policy,
[5] Courage, [6] Zeale, [7] Fortune, [8] awfull Majestie.
He like great Neptune on [star] three Seas shall rove,
And rule three Realms, with triple power, like Jove;
Thus in soft Peace, thus in tempestuous Warres,
Till from his foote, his Fame shall strike the starres.
[1..8] The severall happinesses of the eight Henries.
[star] The West, North, and East Ocean.
illustration of:-
Henry, Prince of Wales was the first son, and heir, of James I; a popular and charming youth. Henry died 1612 the year volume 1 was published. James's second son, Charles became Prince of Wales, and succeeded to the throne as Charles I in 1625. Part 2 is dedicated to the new heir to the throne.
dedication, part 2:-
  Charles, Prince of Wales
THE first Part of this Poeme (most Illustrious Prince) I dedicated to your deceased Brother of most famous Memorie, whose princely Bountie, and usage of me, gave mee much encouragement to go on with this second Part, or Continuance thereof; which now as his Successor, I owe to your Highnesse. If meanes and time fail me not, being now arived at Scotland, I trust you shall see mee crowne her with no worse Flowers, then I have done her two Sisters, England, and Wales: and without any partialitie, as I dare bee bold, to make the Poets of that Kingdom my Judges therin. If I arive at the Orcades, without sinking in my flight, your Highnesse cannot but say, that I had no ill Perspective that gave mee things so cleerely, when I stood so farre off.
To your Highnesse most humbly devoted.
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