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Crosthwaite's Marginal Notes in Clarke 1787

Transcription of the manuscript notes made by Peter Crosthwaite's in the margins of A Survey of the Lakes by James Clarke, 1787.
source type: Clarke 1787
The notes, ink manuscript, were made in the copy of the guide now in the collection at Barrow Record Office.
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The pattern of the transcriptions is:-
page and paragraph to which attached Words beginning the paragraph
    Transcription of the comment
In all cases the paragraphs begin the same in the 2nd edition.
In counting paragraphs, continued text from the page before is not counted.

Fair or Unfair?

It is difficult to know how much to believe of the comments made by Peter Crosthwaite. he was obviously put out of temper by the competition of the new maps with his own, but some of his comments are about facts. I have checked one map, Ullswater, overlaying both Crosthwaite's and Clarke's outlines on today's Ordnance Survey shape of the lake. Crosthwaite's is more accurate; Clarke's is much more out of shape. Perhaps there is an element of envy in the comments because James Clarke's maps look better, are better engraved; are wong but convincing!

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