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Page 167:-
Thlaspi alpestre. Perfoliate Bastard Cress; on the moist limestone pastures.
Tragopogon caeruleum. Purple Goat's-beard; in meadows and pastures: at Old Hall.
Tremella utriculata. Bladder Tremella; in mountainous rivulets.
Trichomanes tunbrigense. Tunbridge Trichomanes; on Buzzardrough Crag near Wrenose among the moss on the mountains, frequent.
Trientalis europaea. Chickweed Winter-green; in woods and on turfy heaths.
Trifolium filiforme. Small Trefoil; in Kendal Fell.
Trollius Europaeus. Globe-flower or Locker-gowlons; in moist lands.
Vaccinium Oxycoccus. Cranberry; on the boggy mosses about Kendal.
--- Vitis Idaea. Red Whorts or Whortle berries; in marshy heaths and mountainous places.
--- uliginosum. Great Bilberry-bush; in Whinfield forest.
Valeriana Locusta β. A variety of Lambs Lettice or Corn Sallet; in Helsington-Lath dales near Kendal.
Veronica scutellata. Narrow-leaved Water Speedwell; on Brigstear-moss.
Vicia sylvatica. Tufted Wood Vetch; about Kirby Lonsdale bridge, and by the side of Patton beck near Kendal.
Viola grandiflora. Yellow Violet or Pansies; in the mountainous pastures.
Viscum album. Misseltoe; on apple trees: in Brigstear and Lyth.
Utricularia minor. Lesser-hooded Milfoil; in turfy bogs.
--- vulgaris. Common-hooded Milfooil; on Brigstear-moss.
Ulva pruniformis. Plumb Laver; in alpine lakes.
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