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Page 191:-
  Corby Castle
Corby, a Castle once the Seat of the ancient Family of the Salkelds, at present belonging to Mr. Howard, a Branch of the Duke of Norfolks' Family: The Building is of Stone, neat but plain. The Entrance to this House is by a large square Court-Yard. On the Right Hand are the Gardens, and on the Left the Offices for Servants and the Stables. It is plentifully watered by Springs in several large Reservoirs made about the House, which stands on the Precipice of a high Rock, which is in the back Part about 100 Feet high: In this Rock is cut a Regular Pair of Stairs of about six Feet wide, with all their Ornaments down to the Bottom; as you descend these Stairs, you pass by several Rooms hewn out of the Rock about 16 Feet square, which have no other Furniture than Tables and Seats made out of the Stone. At the Bottom of those Stairs you ascend another Pair about 10 Feet high, which leads to a Terrace made in Form of a Semicircle, by the Side of which runs the River Eden, having a Pair of Stairs to take Water at. The Terrace presents a fine View of another Part of the Rock, of equal Height with the former, from the Top of which falls a most wonderful curious Cascade, at last, an 100 Feet high, and the Water is broken by the pointed Ridges of the Rock into so many various Shapes, and the Springs fly about in so delightfully rude a Manner, as shews the great Power of Art in embellishing Nature; which is farther heighten'd by a natural Cascade, (effected by this artificial one,) of which there is a distinct Prospect at the Landing Stairs.
From hence there is another View of half a Mile long, of the River on the Right Hand: and a hanging Grove of Trees, just as Nature has plac'd them, on the Left. There is a small Banquetting-House at the End of a Gravel Walk with a Portico in front.
In the River is a Weir well stock'd with Salmon and other Fish. On the other Side of the River, over-against the House, are the remains of an old castle, which is called Weatherel-Tower, under which is an Hermit's Cave. A little higher is
Warwick, which Mr. Camden will have to be the
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