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Page 181:-

daughter it came to Thomas de Multon. It passed through several hands till the fifth of Charles I. who, on consideration of two hundred pounds, granted it to Sir Richard Graham; and is now, with the vast territory round, the property of the Rev. Mr. Graham of Netherby.
The castle is small, square, and surrounded with a foss; was garrisoned in the year 1641, when it was dismantled, and the garrison removed to Carlisle.
roman fort, Bewcastle Beucastle had been a Roman station, and garrisoned by part of the Legio Secunda Augusta; the other part of which lay at Netherby; and both intended to cover the workmen employed in building the famous Wall. Many vestiges still are to be seen. An extensive ditch and rampart surround the church and castle, and between the church and public-house are remains of several buildings. Some inscriptions have been met with on the spot, one addressed to Hadrian the founder of the Wall*; and many coins have been dug up at this place. Mr. Horsely conjectures, from an inscription which he supposes to have been brought from hence, that its ancient name is Apiatorium. A ROMAN STATION.
* Horsely, article Cumberland, page 270.
Ibid. pages 233, 271.

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