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Page 179:-

and exceedingly ruinous. Among the mutilated tombs is one with the Dacre arms included within a garter, which points it out to have been that of Thomas lord Dacre, knight of the garter, a most distinguished personage, who died in 1525; and another, under a corresponding arch is for Mabel wife of Humphrey lord Dacre, and daughter of Sir Thomas Par of Kendal, knight. In 1784 might be discovered the remains of five other tombs of the Dacres, and their ancestors, in the ruins of this church.
In the church-yard, on the belly of an ancient figure, is cut a modern inscription, denoting that John Gow, aged twenty-five, broke his neck by a fall he had in climbing round the top of the ruins of the church, on March 23, 1708.
Hadrian's Wall At a little distance from Llanercost, I passed over the site of the Picts Wall, as it is styled. Near this place are some remains, about four feet high, on the brow of a hill, but in an adjoining vale rise to eight or ten, with very perfect facing stones on each side: the middle part is composed of small stones and mortar flung in (probably hot) without any order. The facing-stones are from ten to eighteen inches long, and four inches thick. Most of the castles, PICTS WALL.

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