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Page 163:-

once entertained of entering into the Church, he never would take a fee of a clergyman. He died in 1638.
James earl of Derby, a Head; another of his gallant Countess. These noble personages had so high an opinion of Sir Philip Musgrave, as to intrust to him the defence of the Isle of Man, which he did to the last extremity, under the Countess: at length surrendered on honourable terms, and obtained leave to retire where he pleased into any part of England.
A Head of Anne Clifford at the age of eighty, and another when she was young. I was informed that it was customary with her to present a great house-lock and her picture to all her friends in the neighbourhood.
A pint glass, enamelled with colours, called the Luck (Palladium) of Eden-hall, is carefully preserved here. The Family Legend says, that it was left on the margin of a fountain by a Fairy, and was to be the safeguard of the house. On the top are the letters I. H. S. which shew the sacred use from which it had been perverted. In later times it was consecrated to Bacchus.
In the church are the figures of a man and woman in

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