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Page 137:-

through his descendants to the great family of Cliffords. Henry lord Clifford, surnamed the Shepherd, kept here a magnificent Christmas; soon after which, in 1521, it was accidentally burnt down, and continued in ruins till it was restored by his celebrated descendant Anne Clifford, as the inscription over the gate, (similar to that at Pendragon,) before it was taken down, recorded.
St Michael, Brough The church stands below the castle. It is in the gift of Queen's College, Oxford. The famous Robert de Eglesfield, Confessor to Philippa the royal consort of Edward III. and founder of that College, procured the grant of it from the King: he himself had been Rector of the living. He was prosecuted by the Bishop for his non-residence; but pleading the necessity of attending the care of the royal conscience, easily obtained dispensation: ever since which time, it is said, the King's chaplains plead the same excuse; which is admitted by our courteous Bishops, who well know the weight of the charge. CHURCH.
Helbec Hall On leaving Brough, I saw, on the right, Helbec-hall, seated in a wood. This, and the manor of the same name, had been the property of the Helbecs as early as the reign of Henry II. In that of Edward II. it passed into the family of the Blenkensops, by a marriage with Isabella, daughter HELBEC-HALL.

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