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Page 179:-
She had a cow, a pony too,
When o'er the Lune, upon the brow,
Had passed one night these fav'rites two;
'Twas dark and rainy;
Her cow was o'er, she knew her bellow,
Her pony too, poor little fellow,
She heard him whinny.
Alack, alack a-day! she cries,
As overflowed her streaming eyes,
When lo! with her to sympathize,
Old Nick apears;
'Pray now, good woman, don't despair,
But lay aside all anxious care,
And wipe your tears.
'To raise a bridge I will agree,
That in the morning you shall see,
But mine for aye the first must be
That passes over;
So by these means you'll soon be able
To bring the pony to his stable,
The cow her clover.'
In vain were sighs and wailings vented,
So she at last appeared contented,
It was a bargain, she consented,-
For she was Yorkshire;-
Now home she goes in mighty glee,
Old Satan too, well pleased he,
Went to his work, sir.
When Ilus' son surrounded Troy,
With walls that nothing might destroy,
Two gods some time he did employ,
But never paid 'em;
Here Satan, certain of his prize,
With building made a terrible noise,
So fast he laid on.
In short, the morning streaks appear,
The Bridge is built, and Satan there,
When this old lady then drew near,
Her lap-dog with her;
'Behold the Bridge,' the tempter cries,
'Your cattle too before your eyes,
So hie you thither.'
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