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Page 120:-
the street the prospect is over Crow Park, which at the time of the attainder of the late Earl of Derwentwater, was a wood of stately oaks; but is now a fine, swelling, verdant field, on which races are annually held. Beyond this the view embraces the vale and mountains of Newlands, with High-stile presiding over Buttermere in the distance: in the retrospect, Skiddaw rises majestically over the town. On the left lies Cockshot, a hill thickly covered with oaks, and a tall silver fir upon its crest; the trees intercept the views from its summit, but a walk round its margin may sometimes be taken on account of the shelter it affords. Coming in sight of the lake, Vicar's Isle is most happily placed, the house just appearing among a variety of forest trees with which the island seems wholly covered; but on inspection, it is found to be beautifully laid out in pleasure grounds, and kept in the neatest order. Along the margin of the water numerous boats are moored, some belonging to private individuals, others kept for the accommodation of visitors; and at the termination of the walk on the low promontory of Friar Crag, the eye is saluted with a full prospect of the lake, bounded by the celebrated mountains of Borrowdale. To the left, near the shore, Stable Hills farm is reared upon the site where stood Lord Derwentwater's stables at the time his mansion was upon the adjacent island. The Parks, part cultivated, part wooded, occupy the rising ground, over which Wallow Crag shews
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