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Page 102:-
country people, there are two fish which cannot die; - the same fish that used to wait on the pleasure of the good Lord Clifford when, in his shepherd days, he learned mathematics from the stars upon the mountain. The traveller can return either by the way he came; or by Knott Crag, down upon Threlkeld; or by following the course of the Glenderaterra, along the skirts of Saddleback and Skiddaw,- coming out upon the Keswick road about a mile from Threlkeld. This last mode of descent is considered by far the most interesting.
Whenever he passes that bit of road to Keswick, he will be more and more struck with the advantages of the situation of the mansion on Greta Bank, with its airy position, its walks through the woods, with the Greta dashing below; and afar, the uninterrupted view of the whole of Derwentwater basin and surrounding mountains. The tenth commandment is, we imagine, oftener broken there than in most places.
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