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Page 76:-

Keswick, first tour
  Borrowdale valley

KESWICK to Watendlath Road

If the tourist desires, (as it is to be hoped that he does) to see one of the primitive valleys of the district,- one of those recesses lapped in the mountains, where the sounds of civilised life have hardly penetrated, let him now go to Watendlath (locally called Wathendal) and descend into Borrowdale by Rosthwaite. The circuit is one of 13 miles; and it must be accomplished on foot or horseback; for there is no carriage-road in the upper part. So few pass that way that the women afford a remarkable specimen of the effects of a life of excessive seclusion. The men go to markets and sales, and have more use of their tongues and wits accordingly. The road along the lake side is followed, till it gives out a branch before reaching Barrow House. Up this by-road the explorer goes, and passes behind and above Barrow House, soon reaching the stream that feeds the Barrow fall, which may be visited by strangers in the grounds below. The upland valley runs parallel with the lower one; and in it lies the clear circular pool which feeds the fall of Lodore. Stout pedestrians say
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