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page 110:-
Penrith, it will be conveniently seen on their progress from that place to Ambleside, which is twenty-four miles; eighteen or nineteen of this ride (from Penrith to Brother Water) are by turns beautiful and sublime.
Visitors from Scotland or the north of England should take Ulls Water on their road to Ambleside; in this way they face the best scenery of the lake - if this journey is to be performed in one day, the traveller must alight at Gow-barrow Park, to see, from Lyulph's Tower, one of the first-rate views upon the lake: Ara Force, half a mile from the tower, is worth observation. Those who wish to spend more time at Ulls Water, may discharge their horses at Patterdale; but as there are no post horses there, when wanted, they must be sent for to Ambleside.
Tourists from the south usually enter this country by Kendal or Ulverstone, and such will take the lake of Ulls
page 111:-
Water with most convenience from Ambleside.
The road to Ulls Water, from Ambleside, is wild and mountainous; the ascent from Ambleside is steep, with little variation, to the top of Kirkstone. This place takes its name from a sort of cubical stone on the left, called Kirkstone; from which there is an interesting little peep at the lake of Brother Water, which, at intervals, displays itself during the descent into the valley.
The views round Brother Water are sublime, the vale is fertile and clothed in wood, which diminishes in quantity as it ascends the mountains, and is generally in excellent distribution: from Brother Water to the inn at Patterdale the road is good, and winds pleasantly among trees, affording now and then a glimpse of the surrounding country.
The head of Ulls Water lies south-
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