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page 106:-
As the peat road is a better ascent to the Tarn, than by Dungeon Gill, some will prefer it both for ascent and descent.
From Mill Beck pass through the meadows to Langdale chapel, between which places take retrospective views, and see Bow Fell and Langdale Pikes, which are excellent objects. - From Langdale Chapel the road is by Grasmere and Rydal Waters (which leave on the left) and over Pelter Bridge to Ambleside. If these vallies are twice to be visited it is scarcely necessary to observe that the retrospective tour must be from Ambleside by Pelter Bridge.

No. 51.

  Langdale Pikes

Oak How is near six miles from Ambleside. Mill Beck House is not seen here, being hid by the foot of the
page 107:-
mountain on the left; it is likewise higher in the valley than the house seen under the Pikes. - Pavey Ark, in the last range of distance, is over the foreground rock on the right; and the greatest part of the line traversed to and from the Tarn, may be traced on this print, by such as marked their steps with attention; it is chiefly the beginning and end of this devious way that cannot be seen from this point.

  Raw Head
No. 52.


Row Head is on the opposite side of the Langdale valley to Oak How, and in the distance are the Pikes so often spoken of before.

  Langdale Head
No. 53.


This view of the high end of the
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