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page 86:-
Carriages may be left at Nether Beck Bridge, if the party think proper to proceed on foot to Over Beck, where Yew-barrow assumes its best form; and from thence to the head of the lake, or to Wastdale Head, just at the will of the tourist.
Speaking of Wastdale Head, it may be necessary to observe that the worthy inhabitants of that at once hospitable and inhospitable region, occasionally accommodate the weary traveller with lodging, and with food and raiment too, from their kine and fleecy stores; for which, however, (with the Swiss minister on the like occasion) they will accept a gratuity; and, who would not offer it with thanks for such hospitality, particularly when conferred with a politeness that would little be expected by a southern Englishman.
The public house in Nether Wastdale has one spare bed, and its neighbours can furnish more if wanted, an
page 87:-
accommodation very desirable to such as laying aside all fastidious feeling, will, for their alamodes, their fricandos, and their daubs, content themselves with hung beef, with bacon and eggs, and with old Jamaica rum; for of European liquors (unless it be bad ale) the house only affords that wholesomer beverage, milk and water.
From Nether Wastdale pass through Gosforth to Calder Bridge, near which there are some beautiful remains of an abbey, well worth the attention of the antiquary and the artist; and for those who have a better taste for bread than stones, there are two decent inns near the bridge. Calder Bridge is only four miles from Egremont, from which return by Ennerdale, Lampleugh, Lowes Water, Scale Hill, and Keswick to Ambleside; but, a better road from Egremont to Keswick, though not so pleasant to the eye, is by Whitehaven and Cockermouth.
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