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page 66:-
bottom and top of the fall from which it may be seen, the access to which is easy: the view here given is from the second of these stations.
A little building near the top of the fall, in which there are seats, commands a splendid view of Derwent Water over the tops of the trees.
  guide book
It was intended originally to describe the scenes given here, locally, though with some reference to the most prominent features in their immediate vicinity, but the dull monotony of such descriptions rendered it necessary to connect the subjects by a chain; but out of this mode of description has arisen something of the guide kind, and the writer, knowing the country better than the guide makers who have written upon it, thinks that travellers will gain some advantages by the perusal of this little book; and his intention thus to serve them must be his apology
page 67:-
for selling it either separately or with the prints.
Now, though none of the present publication of outlines are scenes on Haws Water, Bassenthwaite Water, Buttermere, Crummock Water, Lows Water, or Ennerdale Water, the writer thinks that, as a guide, the thing will not be complete without something be said on the avenues to those lakes.
  Crummock Water

The horse-road to Buttermere is through the vale of Newlands, but the carriage-road is part of the way on the Cockermouth road over Whinlatter, and through a part of the vale of Lorton, by Crummock Water to the inn at Buttermere. - The inn at Scale Hill, (which is about half a mile from the outlet of Crummock Water) and the inn at Buttermere, are both of them excellent stationary places; from which, to see Buttermere, Crummock Water, Lows Water,and Ennerdale Water. The inn at Buttermere lies at about an
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