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page 64:-
road over the common, will serve as a scale by which the spectator may judge of the magnitude of the scene before him.

  plate 35

No. 35.


Derwent Water with Skiddaw, as here presented is from a field which joins the road, and is on the east of the stream proceeding from the water-fall.
Vicar's Island, Ramp's Holm, and Lord's Island are succeeded by various enclosures skirting the base of Skiddaw; the point of land from which the last scene was taken is observable by its projection into the lake - Falcon Crag towers grandly on the right; the oak and ash trees were added from the road.
page 65:-

  plate 36
  Barrow Cascade

No. 36.


Barrow Cascade lies at the back of Barrow House, which is the property of Joseph Pocklington, Esq.; Barrow House commands a fine view of Skiddaw, with Derwent Water.
In every cascade there is a particular quantity of water which is more pleasant to the eye than any other quantity; and those who may view the one at Barrow under favourable circumstances, will, it is trusted, be highly gratified, and be ready to pronounce it the most charming picture, of its kind, among the mountains. The course of the water has been diverted from its original channel by Mr. Pocklington, who had previously excavated the rock, and who has given the whole to the public eye in its present beauty. There are four places between the
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