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  Kelsick Buildings

No. 7.


This place, which is called Kelsick Buildings, is occupied by several people, and is near the junction in Ambleside of the Kendal and Hawkshead roads.

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  Bark Mill

No. 8.


The Mills in Ambleside are four, namely, a corn mill, a bark mill, a woollen factory, and a turnery of wood and ivory; they are all upon Stock Gill.
Stock Gill arises in the screes on the side of Scandale fell, not far from Kirkstone, and running west of the high, middle, and low groves, passes through Ambleside near the Salutation inn, and joins the Rothay a quarter of
page 21:-
a mile below the town, and about four miles from its source.
The finest part of Stock Gill is comprehended between the woollen mill and Stock Gill Force, a distance of little more than half a mile, though on some parts of the stream above the force there are pretty spots not unworthy an artist's attention. At every step from the bridge to the waterfall, the river and its appendages exhibit either good compositions or rich detached pieces for the embellishment of landscape; the materials are beautifully transparent, water rolling along the rocky bed of the river in every variety of shape; and often displaying to the eye the prettiest of waterfalls; the margin of the stream is sometimes low, but often steep and grassy banks, or bold projecting rocks, rise to a great height, and are luxuriantly cloathed with grand and picturesque trees, fern, moss, and various other vegetation.
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