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than two or three hundred yards in breadth. Mesand with its school stands near this promontory; on the side of which rushes, in wild impetuosity, Fordingdale Beck, a stream abounding in picturesque waterfalls.
Branstree, Harter Fell, Riggendale, High Street, Kidstay, and Whelter, are all grand mountains lying at the head of the lake: but this grandeur is diminished towards its foot; and the country below the outlet of the lake is composed of modest and easy eminences, which are pleasantly covered with wood all the way to Lowther and Askham.
Haws Water, either as a Salvator or a Claude, has great attractions; its magnificence may be appreciated by passing from the foot to the head of the lake, and its delicate beauties by looking down it.
Haws Water is fine from the carriage-road, but infinitely less so than from a horse-road upon the common, somewhat above the carriage-road; it is likewise good from many stands in the enclosures between the higher road and the water.
This view of the lake is from the fields between its outlet and Fordingdale Beck, and includes the upper and the lower lakes.



Harter Fell is a principal object in the scene before us, under which is the lower end of Riggendale, and at its foot Chapel Hill, with all the pleasant accompaniments of wood. This view is taken from the upper road, just after its having passed Fordingdale Beck, on the way to the head of the lake.
The river feeding the lake at its head is bounded by flat lands; but the undulating surfaces between this flat and the summits of the circumjacent mountains being sprinkled in a luxuriant wildness with various sorts of trees, is on all hands a splendid treat for the lover and the artist.
J. Tyler, Printed, Rathbone Place.
In the volume used for the transcription this introductory description is followed by the series of 60 prints. In another example of the work, the prints are bound in with the text in their approximately relevant position.

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