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Wallowbarrow Crag is upon the river Dudden, not far from Seathwaite Chapel, and about two miles below Goldrill Crag.
Either by Cockley Beck or over Walna Scar, the distance from Seathwaite Chapel to Ambleside is fourteen miles.



The road to Ulls Water from Ambleside, which is by Brother Water, is wild and mountainous; the ascent from Ambleside is steep, with little variation to the top of Kirkstone. One way from Low Wood to Ulls Water is by Ambleside, the other is by Troutbeck, both roads meeting on the summit of the hill; near which, on the left, is a cubical sort of stone, called Kirkstone, which gives name to the pass.
The views round Brother Water are sublime; the vale is fertile, and cloathed in wood, which diminishes in quantity as its ascends the mountains, and is generally in excellent distribution.
This view of Brother Water, which is between six and seven miles from Ambleside, is from the enclosures on the right, after having descended from Kirkstone, and not half a mile short of the lake. Place Fell is in the distance.



Under Dove Crag, a stupendous rock three miles west of Brother Water, runs a stream, which after a steep descent
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