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Those who wish to see Derwent Water with Skiddaw for its back-ground, through a magnificent vista of rocks, will ascend to the top of Lowdore Waterfall; and the safest way is to proceed from the public-house at Lowdore to the foot-road leading to Watenlath, which leaves the Grange road a little short of the farm-house called High Lowdore; the road zig-zags the mountain's side, which pursue, till Skiddaw from it is seen through the chasm, and afterwards Derwent Water and Bassenthwaite; descend from this part of the road to the angle of the river, and follow its course a short distance, and the view here given will present itself in nature. Vicar's Island and Crosthwaite Church are seen from this place.



Lowdore is three miles from Keswick. The waterfall of Lowdore is not seen in perfection by one in a hundred of those who visit the lakes; for it is rarely so full as to exhibit one unbroken sheet of water; but when so, it is, with its accompaniments, sublimely picturesque from many points of view. The rocks are fine, and worth studying in any season; some are almost lost in wood, whilst others tower their grisly heads to an enormous height: one of them rises from the margin of the waterfall, and is the grandest object of the kind in the whole circumference of the valley; and few, unless led to expect water, would be disappointed with the scene before them.
The bridge here given is over the river below the waterfall.
Proceed by the Mill to a grassy bank skirted with wood, and see this stupendous chasm, through which, even in
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