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Gentleman's Magazine 1844 part 2 p.295

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  Hadrian's Wall

Roman inscriptions, Hadrian's Wall

Mr. Smith read an extract from a letter from Mr. R. Weddell, of Berwick-upon-Tweed:-
"I was recently at Gilsland, and from thence took several short trips to examine the Roman wall in the vicinity. At Caervoran not a vestige remains. The tenant has recently filled up the baths, &c. and the site of the camp is covered in potatoes and turnips! Notwithstanding all that has been done and said, down to Hodgson, (Hist. of Northumberland) much remains for investigation, and I hope some of the Members of the Association will soon direct their steps to that district. At Caervoran I saw an inscription which I suspect has never been printed. It is on a stone with fluted sides, ornamented on the top with a vase, and reads

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At Burdoswald another stone has been recently found, but the inscription is much defaced, and part of the upper side has been lost. All I can make out of it is,

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The tenant also shewed me a small brass coin of the emperor Licinius, much defaced, which he lately found on his farm. The entrance to the camp through the west wall is distinctly seen, and about midway between it and the wall to the north are several large stones clasped together with iron rods."
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