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Gentleman's Magazine 1841 part 2 p.54
many a county historian the motto may be inscribed

Magnis ille excidit ausis
The world, in one sense, is more indebted to publishers than to collectors, that is, to the publishers of their own generation who diffuse the collections of preceding times, rather than to the collectors of their own generation, who bury their stores for posterity. The former process Mr. Jefferson is very laudably engaged in accomplishing. He has the use of a MS. history of the diocese, compiled towards the close of the seventeenth century, by the Rev. Hugh Todd, D.D.; of the MS. collections of Bishop Nicolson, and others in the library of the Dean and Chapter of Carlisle. He also pays greater attention to the Church architecture than has previously been done, and publishes copies of the sepulchral memorials.
Among these, in the church of Skelton, we find the following:
"To the memory of HENRY RICHMOND BROUGHAM, Esq. who died 23rd April 1749, and lies near this place, where his father Peter Brougham, Esq. and his mother Elizabeth, his brother John, and sister Mary, are likewise interred. Erected by John Gale, Esq."
The Peter here mentioned was the great-uncle of Lord Brougham. He married Elizabeth, daughter and heiress of Christopher Richmond, esq. which Christopher's mother was Mabell, elder daughter and coheiress of John Vaux of Catterlen. The children of the marriage of Brougham and Richmond all died without issue, as above noticed; and the remarkable part of the matter is, that Lord Brougham and Vaux is not descended from the heir of the latter family. We think, however, that Mr. Jefferson, on concluding his pedigree of Vaux of Catterlen in p.149, should have mentioned that Lord Brougham's title was derived from that family, in the way that we have mentioned.
Another object of interest in the volume is the castle of Greystoke, which our author states is at present undergoing a very extensive repair, from designs of A. Salvin, esq. F.S.A. architect.
The volume is closed with biographies of several eminent natives or residents of the district, among which is one of Father Huddleston, contributed by Dr. Lingard.
On the whole, though it is obvious that twenty-one parishes cannot be fully discussed in 500 not very large octavo pages, we have no hesitation in saying that Mr. Jefferson's book is, and ought to be, very acceptable to the county, and that it is published at a price which will meet the convenience of all purchasers. The embellishments are of an inferior kind; and, without increasing his expences materially, the author might certainly obtain more correct drawings and more interesting subjects. In this respect we shall hope to see an improvement in Mr. Jefferson's next volume, which will contain the history of Allerdale Ward above Derwent.
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