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Page 41:-
Above the altar are four or five rows of escutcheons, but so defaced by the weather that I could not make them out: but Mr Machel says, that he remembers among them the arms of Arundel, Percy of Northumberland quartering Lucy, Dacre, Lowther, Lancaster, Strickland, Threlkeld, Machel, Moresby, Orpheur, and Crackenthorp. Upon the porch are three harts heads for the family of Faldo, (vide Guillim, p.186.) In this church was likewise buried Daniel Fleming of Skirwith, Esq; who died A.D. 1657, aged 37. We are told by Dr Burns that there is a grant of a market for Barton in the 17th year of King John.

We next see the villages of Thorp, Tirril, and Stockbridge, all neatly built of stone, and covered with blue slate. There is nothing remarkable in any of them, except Stockbridge Hall, now in ruins. It belongs to the Earl of Lonsdale, and came into that family at the same time and manner as Barton, viz. by the marriage of Frances, daughter of Lancelot Lancaster of Stockbridge Hall, to Sir Christopher Lowther.
We then pass Yanwath Hall, an old tower, which is likewise the property of the Earl of Lonsdale. Yanwath was anciently called Wathwaineath, as appears from the following promissory note.
"I Edward Walker of Wathwaineath, in the parish of Barton, doth acknowledge myself to be indebted and owing unto Edward Clarke the sum of twelve pounds King's money, which I promise by myself, my heirs, and assigns, to pay. In test whereof is my name, the 27th day of June 1566. / EDWARD WALKER."
I have often thought that this place had its name Yanwath, q.d. One-Wath, from its being the only wath or ford practicable for carriages at that time. That it was so, is evident from the bank at Emont Bridge, which was then too steep for any loaded waggon to ascend, and this the name of Wathwaineath, in which wain or waggon is particularly expressed, farther signifies. Yanwath belongs to Lord Lonsdale, and the tenants are arbitrary, paying suit and service at the Hall. It formerly belonged to the Dudleys, on of whom was Attorney-General to Queen Elizabeth: It was sold by them to Sir John Lowther about the year 1654, and has continued in that family ever since.
  Dudley Deal
  High Street

Before we quit this part of the country, I must mention, that there is a sum of money annually divided among the poor of the parish of Barton, including Patterdale, Martindale, and their environs: this is called the Dudley-Deal; and there is, besides, ten pounds a year, which is appropriated to the binding of two poor apprentices. These monies are secured upon an estate called Kentmere Hall in Westmorland; but what connection Kentmere and Barton have had I am not able to determine. There are the vestiges of a road, seemingly Roman, leading from Martindale to it: this road, which appears now as a broad green path, goes over the top of a lofty mountain called, (for that reason I suppose,) the High-Street.
On the 10th of July the neighbouring shepherds assemble here and hold a festival, during which there are horse-races, wrestling, and other such like country diversions: hither, likewise, every one brings stray sheep he has found during the preceding year, that they may be owned: they also at this time frequently amuse themselves with fox-hunting.
  Dixon's Fall
At one of these huntings a man, now living at Kentmere, whose name is Dixon, fell from the immense rock called Blea-Water Cragg: this precipice is commonly said to be 500 yards high, (but I think 300 will be near the truth,) and in many places over-hangs its base. He had no bones broke, but was terribly bruised, and was almost compleately scalped, so that he now has no hair upon his head, except a little above one of his ears. He struck against the rock several times in his fall, but says he was not sen-
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