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Clock Dials
Local Clockmakers

A number of clock dials have been seen and photographed, many in antique shops to whose owners I am grateful. The clockmaker's name on these dials is usally accompanied by their place of work, and is evidence about that place.

image BOT35.jpg

NB: nearly all clock photographs have been moved into the Lakes persons database, LAKESPER.mdf, and will no longer show on the lists below, but will be included in the gazetteer entry for the relevant place. As yet, the person database is not part of the Lakes Guides website.


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..., clockmaker's, Kirkby Stephen, NY7708 -- The shop regulator, 1830s-40s:- 'J. RIDLEY. / KIRKBY STEPHEN.' (photo 30.6.2008) (BPJ54.jpg)
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St Kentigern's Church, church, Keswick, NY25742429 -- Clock dial. (photo 5.11.2011) (BVP62.jpg)
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St Margaret's Tower, church, Over Staveley, SD47139817 -- Dial for the turret clock, 1744; one hand, notice the hour divisions in fours. (photo 29.8.2007) (BOA54.jpg)
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St Oswald's Church, church, Ravenstonedale, NY72230426 -- Old clock dial. '17 19' (photo 9.12.2005) (BLL49.jpg)
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Wigton, building/s, market town, Wigton, NY25494840 -- Longcase clock, brass dial with spandrels, silvered chapter ring:- '[ ] WIGTON' (photo 18.4.2008) (BPB31.jpg)


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