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Churches, Chapels and Meetings
Of All Denominations

A church is one of the elements that defines a village, a community. We have tried to list all the churches belonging to the established church in Cumbria, and have included other chapels of various denominations when we have found them. Quaker meetings are listed fairly thoroughly; this movement began here in the North.

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Where possible there is a photograph of the church and interior (a few churches seem never to be open except for services) and various features of interest inside and outside; organs, multiple deck pulpits, royal coats of arms and other heraldry, hatchments, church chests, poor boxes, cross slabs, etc. I am grateful to numerous kind ladies on the flower or cleaning rota for their help in access.

In lieu of effective local history museums, churches are a depository of local antiquities, though items are often disregarded and hidden behind more current notices of events and societies.


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