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county:- Cumbria
1Km square
10Km square:- SD39


places in the square:-

bee boles, High Bank Ground , bee boles, listed  (SD316971)

boat house, High Bank Ground / Bank Ground boat house, building/s  (SD315970)

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High Bank Ground, Coniston / Bank Ground, High / Bank Ground Farm, building/s, listed  (SD31599703)

How Head, Coniston , building/s  (SD318972)

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Kirby Quay, Coniston , boat house  (SD31259761)

Labyrinth, Coniston , maze  (SD312979)

Lanehead, Coniston , building/s  (SD31809709)

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station, Bank Ground / station, Bank Ground / station, Otley 12, viewpoint  (SD318971)

Tent Cottage, Coniston , building/s  (SD31829744)

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Tent Lodge, Coniston , building/s  (SD317974)

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Thwaite Cottage, Coniston , building/s  (SD31039771)

tower, Coniston , tower  (SD316978)

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Water Head Pier, Coniston , boat house  (SD31009718)

Waterhead, Coniston , locality  (SD31019753)

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Yewdale Beck , river  (SD31039707)

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