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Scaleby parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Cumberland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY4463
10Km square:-   NY46
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 319 (1971)

NY44696314 All Saints, Scaleby L
NY44246288 Barclose, Scaleby 
NY43606392 Blooming Heather, Scaleby 
NY42996285 brickworks, Scaleby 
NY45966398 Brightenflat, Scaleby 
NY46206498 Brown Dyke, Scaleby 
NY4261 Brunstock Beck 
NY43406304 Burnhill, Scaleby 
NY43236297 Burnhills, Scaleby 
NY42206244 Butman's Cottage, Scaleby gone
NY44736312 Church Close, Scaleby L
NY44706308 Church Houses, Scaleby 
NY45026406 Corriefield, Scaleby 
NY45066336 Croft House, Scaleby 
NY46526480 Dike Yate, Scaleby once
NY47176455 East Highberries, Scaleby 
NY43046206 Far Long Park, Scaleby 
NY42656195 fingerpost, Scaleby 
NY43566249 fingerpost, Scaleby (2) 
NY43666321 fingerpost, Scaleby (3) 
NY45716321 Fordsyke, Scaleby L out of sight
NY46176446 Halfway House, Scaleby 
NY46606365 Hall Flatt, Scaleby 
NY46596424 Hallflat Lane End, Scaleby 
NY46516396 Hallflat Lane, Scaleby 
NY45486315 High Hill, Scaleby L out of sight
NY4763 Highberries Beck 
NY47226392 Highberries Bridge, Scaleby 
NY46746421 Highberries Cottage, Scaleby 
NY46986469 Highberries, Scaleby 
NY46096453 Hillfield House, Scaleby 
NY44926328 Hitchin's Onset, Scaleby L
NY45386510 Hunley Moss, Scaleby 
NY45366479 Hunley, Scaleby 
NY45546531 Hunleymoss, Scaleby gone?
NY44326292 Joiners Arms, Barclose 
NY42576346 Kewgreen, Scaleby gone?
NY42516228 Linkumdoddie, Scaleby 
NY44966319 Lodge, Scaleby 
NY42926202 Long Park, Scaleby 
NY42166230 Longpark Cottage, Scaleby gone
NY42626189 Longpark, Scaleby L
NY46636281 Low House, Scaleby 
NY45376323 Miresgate, Scaleby 
NY41976291 Moorcock Hall, Scaleby 
NY42046287 Moorcock Plantation, Scaleby 
NY44906360 Nook, Scaleby 
NY44256291 Nook, Scaleby (2) once
NY41456276 Park House, Scaleby gone
NY43436239 Park View, Scaleby 
NY42436359 Parkend, Scaleby 
NY45636468 Playwells, Scaleby gone?
NY43636320 post box, Scaleby 
NY44846308 Rectory, Scaleby 
NY43586317 Sand House, Scaleby 
NY43626321 Sandhill, Scaleby 
NY43576326 Sandhills, Scaleby 
NY44716311 Scaleby 
NY44956251 Scaleby Castle, Scaleby L
NY45236318 Scaleby Hall, Scaleby L out of sight
NY46576308 Scaleby Mill, Scaleby 
NY43126355 Scaleby Moss, Scaleby 
NY44026364 Scalebyhill, Scaleby 
NY43926361 Scalebyhill: Tudor Metalcraft 
NY43756369 Scalebymoss Edge, Scaleby 
NY44676310 school, Scaleby L
NY41926264 Scotland Close, Scaleby 
NY42406354 Silver Hill, Scaleby 
NY44486437 stone, Scaleby 
NY44016261 Stoneknowe, Scaleby 
NY43796344 Summer Hill, Sacelby 
NY47326403 tanyard, Scaleby 
NY42586221 tile works, Scaleby 
NY44796313 village hall, Scaleby 
NY44786312 war memorial, Scaleby 
NY43976360 Wesley Cottage, Scalebyhill L
NY46846475 West Highberries, Scaleby 
NY45236422 Whitehill, Scaleby 
NY45186282 Wood House, Scaleby gone
NY46376267 Woodhead, Scaleby L
NY46276443 milestone, Scaleby L
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