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Kingwater parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Cumberland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY6171
10Km square:-   NY57
10Km square:-   NY67
10Km square:-   NY56
10Km square:-   NY66
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 152 (1971)

NY57836685 Allensteads, Kingwater 
NY59866928 Ash Crag, Kingwater 
NY59806990 Ash Moss, Kingwater 
NY64507005 Barnsley, Kingwater 
NY64617305 Berry Hill, Kingwater 
NY64507235 Berry Rigg, Kingwater 
NY6372 Berry Sike 
NY66017582 Birky Shank, Kingwater 
NY57136705 Black Bank, Kingwater 
NY69067181 Black Shield House, Kingwater once
NY6476 Black Sike (4) 
NY6774 Black Sike (5) 
NY6474 Black Sike (6) 
NY61927649 Blackrigg Foot, Kingwater 
NY6176 Blackrigg Sike 
NY63577491 Blackshaws Hill, Kingwater 
NY6474 Blackshaws Sike 
NY63567404 Blackshaws, Kingwater gone?
NY68287368 boundary stone, Kingwater 
NY68647342 boundary stone, Kingwater (2) 
NY68727343 boundary stone, Kingwater (3) 
NY66117109 bridge, Kingwater 
NY67297257 bridge, Kingwater (2) 
NY66967464 bridge, Kingwater (4) 
NY66117660 bridge, Kingwater (5) 
NY68097433 bridge, Lampert 
NY63337174 Bull Crag, Kingwater 
NY6674 Butter Burn 
NY60867046 Butter Hill, Kingwater 
NY67797424 Butterburn Bidge, Kingwater 
NY67247602 Butterburn Flow, Kingwater 
NY61327382 Butterburn Hill, Kingwater 
NY67677435 Butterburn, Kingwater 
NY66557658 Calf Hill, Kingwater 
NY62327576 Calf Rigg, Kingwater 
NY6275 Calf Sike 
NY58986702 Carshill, Kingwater once
NY59456984 Cat Crag, Kingwater 
NY68237317 Catches Rigg, Kingwater 
NY6172 Caud Beck 
NY53946706 chapel, Kingwater 
NY56686776 chapel, West Hall 
NY6273 Cheese Burn 
NY62587360 Cheeseburn Hill, Kingwater 
NY60277268 Chisholm's Cross, Kingwater 
NY58806726 Clark's Hill, Kingwater 
NY65087651 Cloak Pool, Kingwater 
NY58316691 Clockey Mill, Kingwater L
NY66107139 Cock Law, Kingwater 
NY64166984 Craggy Cleugh 
NY5669 Craig Burn 
NY57096579 Craig Hill, Kingwater 
NY62467008 Craig i' th' Moss, Kingwater 
NY5666 Craig Sike 
NY56486882 Craigburn Bridge, Kingwater 
NY56946658 Craigsyke Ford, Kingwater 
NY64036966 Crammel Linn, Kingwater 
NY64077139 Crow Rigg, Kingwater 
NY6471 Crowrigg Sike 
NY55436777 Crowsgate, Kingwater gone
NY63897106 Crying Crag, Kingwater 
NY67167320 Deer Hill, Kingwater 
NY59846701 Demesne, Kingwater once
NY57826781 Desoglin, Kingwater 
NY6276 Dry Sike 
NY60577039 Dumblar Rigg, Kingwater 
NY60257140 Dumblar Rigg, Kingwater (2) 
NY6771 East Sike 
NY62677273 Eels Rigg, Kingwater 
NY6272 Eels Sike 
NY5969 Farmal Sike 
NY57746746 fish pass, Kingbridge Ford 
NY61357213 Foal Stand, Kingwater 
NY61687210 Foalstand Rigg, Kingwater 
NY56686743 ford, Kingwater 
NY54526696 Forest Lodge, Kingwater 
NY55446677 Friar Waingate Bridge, Kingwater 
NY55406681 Friar Waingate, Kingwater gone
NY6774 Gair Sike 
NY65697352 Gair, Kingwater 
NY68757226 Gavelock Hill, Kingwater 
NY5667 Gill Race 
NY56106752 Gillrace Bridge, Kingwater 
NY66727558 Gowany Knowe, Kingwater 
NY67917393 Gowk Bank, Kingwater 
NY62877474 Green Coonit, Kingwater 
NY63877386 Green Hill, Kingwater 
NY60797240 Green Knowe, Kingwater 
NY61897151 Green Rigg, Kingwater 
NY63247445 Green Rigg, Kingwater (2) 
NY66107206 Green Side, Kingwater 
NY6671 Green Sike 
NY5769 Green's Burn (2) 
NY57136998 Greensburn, Kingwater 
NY61987446 Greymare Hill, Kingwater 
NY65807624 Gringarry Hill, Kingwater 
NY58726664 Hall Guards, Kingwater L
NY64867128 Hallanstone Rigg, Kingwater 
NY5466 Hardest Cleugh 
NY54646681 Hardhurst, Kingwater 
NY64407520 Hart Horn, Kingwater 
NY6175 Hazel Gill 
NY62277494 Heathery Coonit, Kingwater 
NY60177320 Hen Hill, Askerton 
NY63277551 Hen Hill, Kingwater 
NY56506713 Heugh Brae, Kingwater 
NY57126903 High Fell, Kingwater 
NY61057291 High King Hill, Kingwater 
NY58076675 High Park Nook, Kingwater 
NY59966924 Highstead Ash, Kingwater 
NY6671 Hope, Kingwater 
NY66807106 Horseholme, Kingwater 
NY57776750 house, Kingbridge Ford L
NY58596874 Hurst, Kingwater 
NY63257306 Jerrycalf Rigg, Kingwater 
NY6372 Jerrycalf Sike 
NY62527175 Jock's Flat, Kingwater 
NY60647403 Jock's Hill, Kingwater 
NY6271 Jocksflat Sike 
NY65057645 Kettle Pool, Kingwtaer 
NY5466 King Water 
NY57786748 Kingbridge Ford Bridge, Kingwater 
NY57756747 Kingbridge Ford, Kingwater 
NY63357099 Kingturn Rigg, Kingwater 
NY5467 Knorren Beck 
NY53716767 Knorren Bridge, Askerton 
NY6776 Lawrence Burn 
NY58496717 Leaside, Kingwater 
NY56696861 Lees Hill Quarry, Kingwater 
NY55546802 Lees Hill, Askerton 
NY56537005 limekiln, Kingwater 
NY64147482 Little Blackshaws Hill, Kingwater 
NY62587526 Little Hen Hill, Kingwater 
NY65287279 Little Tip Hill, Kingwater 
NY63016997 Long Moss, Kingwater 
NY55596760 Longlands, Kingwater L
NY60697053 Lord's Well, Kingwater 
NY61737286 Low King Hill, Kingwater 
NY62007337 Mid Hill, Kingwater 
NY63847186 Middle Lair, Kingwater 
NY6171 Middle Shield Beck 
NY61857043 Middle Shield Green, Kingwater 
NY60187088 Middle Shield Park, Kingwater 
NY62267067 Middle Shield Rigg, Kingwater 
NY66027580 milestone, Kingwater 
NY67967365 milestone, Kingwater (2) 
NY67197219 milestone, Kingwater (3) 
NY66147114 milestone, Kingwater (4) 
NY64537045 milestone, Kingwater (5) 
NY63306939 milestone, Kingwater (6) 
NY66037581 milestone, Kingwater (7) 
NY60137048 Milking Hill, Kingwater 
NY5866 Mill Beck 
NY58246764 Moorguards, Kingwater 
NY63627598 Morgan's Well, Kingwater 
NY68567299 Moss Catherine Waterfall, Kingwater 
NY55106720 Newfield, Kingwater gone
NY55176729 Newfield, Kingwater (2) 
NY67587153 Newhouse, Kingwater 
NY60637151 Nick Hill, Kingwater 
NY53886714 Nickie's Hill, Kingwater 
NY62797511 North Coonit, Kingwater 
NY58606795 Oldcastle, Kingwater 
NY65597666 Padaburn Hill, Kingwater 
NY59006835 Palmer Hill, Kingwater 
NY58176686 Park Nook, Kingwater 
NY63297605 Potsloan, Kingwater 
NY56036736 Pratlic Bank, Kingwater 
NY56166732 Pratlic Well, Kingwater 
NY66757155 privy, Spadeadam 
NY59317196 Prylancy Rigg, Kingwater 
NY64267188 Quarry Holes, Kingwater 
NY56546848 Quarry Lodge, Kingwater 
NY6571 Rairing Sike 
NY64797095 Rashbush Rigg, Kingwater 
NY56236981 Rinnion Hills, Kingwater 
NY65437069 Robin's Rigg, Kingwater 
NY6074 Rob's Sike 
NY6773 Rough Sike 
NY63607019 Round Rigg, Kingwater 
NY62837071 Rowantree Crag, Kingwater 
NY56586663 Rowantree Hill, Kingwater 
NY67107116 Sandy Crook, Kingwater 
NY55526769 school, Longlands 
NY68727663 Shank End, Kingwater 
NY64197045 Sheep Rigg, Kingwater 
NY632727 Spadeadam Forest, Kingwater 
NY62127430 Spadeadam Rocket Establishment, Spadeadam 
NY58577062 Spadeadam, Kingwater 
NY58336832 Spotleybank, Kingwater gone
NY61917029 spring, Kingwater 
NY64287578 Spur Rigg, Kingwater 
NY6376 Spur Sike 
NY64577197 standing stone, Kingwater 
NY64557201 Standingstone Rigg, Kingwater 
NY68387637 Stanedike Sike 
NY5768 Stone Beck 
NY54086711 Stone Cross Rigg, Kingwater 
NY66077101 stone wall, Spadeadam Forest 
NY6675 Stour Cleugh 
NY6470 Stour Sike 
NY67227471 Stourcleugh Gair, Kingwater 
NY68607320 Sundayburn Linn, Kingwater 
NY56076667 Swaites, Kingwater L
NY56676704 Tenement Farm, Kingwater 
NY57026814 Tercrosset, Kingwater 
NY58016937 Thornyrigg, Kingwater 
NY55006758 Tile Cote, Kingwater 
NY55086752 tile works, Kingwater 
NY63457136 Tinkler Crags, Kingwater 
NY65607254 Tip Hill, Kingwater 
NY68687345 Tod Hole, Kingwater 
NY58066935 Torties, Kingwater 
NY63877235 Toup Hill, Kingwater 
NY6070 Trout Beck (6) 
NY64987482 Trowyshaw Rigg, Kingwater 
NY6574 Trowyshaw Sike 
NY58506745 Tweedy Hill, Kingwater 
NY63877254 Watch Crag, Kingwater 
NY63537234 Watch Rigg, Kingwater 
NY56676772 West Hall, Kingwater 
NY63167395 Whipper Slack, Kingwater 
NY6374 Whipperslack Sike 
NY58787186 White Rigg, Kingwater 
NY66867219 White Side, Kingwater 
NY6671 Wiley Sike 
NY64137096 Wiley Sike, Kingwater 
NY66247094 Wileysike House, Kingwater 
NY6369 Wobiegill Sike 
NY64857633 Wreay Hill, Kingwater 
NY60067241 Wreay Rigg, Kingwater 
NY6576 Wreay Sike 
NY65017640 Wreayhill House, Kingwater 
NY57506701 Wrygarth, Kingwater 
NY60657475 Yellow Fawns, Kingwater 
NY59446834 Holy Well, Waterhead 
NY4758 Irthing, River 
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