Old Cumbria Gazetteer
placename:- Coniston parish
county:- Cumbria
county:- Lancashire
coordinates:- SD3098
10Km square:- NY20, NY30
10Km square:- SD29, SD39
parish code:- CNST
References OS 1974 Admin Areas

1Km square SD3098

source:- Census 1971

population:- 1063 -- 1971

Above Beck Fells, Coniston
Adam Bridge, Coniston
Albatross, Raven Crag
Anna's Nab, Colton
Asp, Raven Crag
Atkinson Ground Farm, Coniston
Atkinson Ground House, Coniston
Atkinson Ground, Coniston
Bank Ground Wood, Coniston
Bank Ground, Coniston
Banniside stone circle, Coniston
Bannock Stone Bridge, Coniston
Bannockburn, Grey Crag
Barabbas, Cove Crag
barn, Coniston (2)
Beautiful Loosers, Raven Crag
Beck Leven
Beck Leven Foot, Coniston
bee boles, Brantwood
bee boles, Brantwood (2)
bee boles, High Bank Ground
bee boles, Water Head
Bell, Coniston
Below Beck Fells, Coniston
Bever Memorial, Coniston
Birk Fell, Coniston
Black Bull, Coniston
Black Moss Route, Little How Crags
Black Sails, Coniston
Black Scar Workings, Coniston
Bleathwaite Pasture, Coniston
Blue Quarry, Coniston
Bluebird, Grey Crag
boat house, Coniston
boat house, Coniston (2)
boat house, Coniston (3)
boat house, Coniston (4)
boat house, High Bank Ground
Bonsor Copper Mines, Coniston
Boo Tarn, Coniston
Boon Crag Farm, Coniston
Boon Crag Sawmill, Coniston
Boon Crag, Coniston
Boulder Buttress, Mart Crag
Bowmanstead House, Coniston
Bowmanstead, Coniston
Brantwood Jetty, Coniston Water
Brantwood, Coniston
Bridge End Cottage, Coniston
Bridge End, Little Langdale
bridge, Yewdale
Brim Fell, Coniston
Campbell memorial, Coniston
Caravan Slab, Mart Crag
Cat Bank, Coniston
Caw Quarry, Coniston
Chrysalis, Raven Crag
Church Beck
Church Bridge, Coniston
Close Hill Quarry, Coniston
Cobbler Hole, Coniston
Cobra, Raven Crag
Coniston Bowling, Cricket and Tennis Club, Coniston
Coniston Brewery, Coniston
Coniston Copper Mines, Coniston
Coniston Fells, Coniston
Coniston Fire Station, Coniston
Coniston Hall, Coniston
Coniston Hydroelectric Scheme, Coniston
Coniston Lake Station, Coniston
Coniston Landing Stage, Coniston
Coniston Methodist Church, Coniston
Coniston Moor, Coniston
Coniston Primary School, Coniston
Coniston Railway
Coniston Sailing Club, Coniston
Coniston Water
Coniston Waterfall, Coniston
Coniston Youth Hostel, Coniston
Coniston: Hutchinson's
Coniston: Watt's
Copper House, Coniston
Coppermines Museum, Coniston
Coppermines Valley, Coniston
Cove Crack, Cove Crag
Cove Crag, Coniston
Cove Quarries, Coniston
Cove, Coniston
crash site, Coniston
Creeping Jane, Yewdale Crag
Crook Beck (2)
Crown Inn, Coniston
Culloden, Grey Crag
Dawn, Yewdale Crag
Diamond Buttress, Mart Crag
Dixon Ground Farm, Coniston
drain, Coniston
drain, Coniston (2)
Drought, Grey Crag
Dry Cove Moss, Coniston
Dusk, Yewdale Crag
Ednam's Staircase, Coniston
engine shed, Coniston
Far End Cottages, Coniston
Far End, Coniston
field drainage, Coniston
folly, Coniston
footbridge, Coniston
ford, Coniston
Gangway, Kernel Crag
Giant's Grave, Yewdale
Gill Cove Rib, Little How Crags
Girdle Traverse, Raven Crag
Glasnevin Wall, Grey Crag
Gondola, Coniston Water
Great Carrs, Coniston
Great How Crags, Coniston
Great Intake, Coniston
Greenburn Beck
Greenburn Mine, Coniston
Greenburn, Coniston
Grey Crag, Coniston
Guards Quarries, Coniston
Hare Hall, Coniston
Harry Guards Wood, Coniston
Hawk Rigg, Coniston
Haws Bank Bridge, Coniston
Haws Bank House, Coniston
Haws Bank, Coniston
Heathwaite, Coniston
hedge, Coniston
Hen Crag, Coniston
Hen Wall, Hen Crag
High Bank Ground, Coniston
High Cross, Coniston
High Fell, Coniston
High Ground Farm, Coniston
High Ground, Coniston
High Hall Garth, Coniston
High Hollin Bank, Coniston
High Quarry, Coniston
High Tilberthwaite, Coniston
High Water Head, Coniston
High Waterhead Cottage, Coniston
High Yewdale, Coniston
Hill Fell, Coniston
Hollin Bank Cottage, Coniston
Hollin Bank Farm, Coniston
Hollin Bank, Coniston
Holme Fell, Coniston
Holywath, Coniston
house, Coniston
How Head, Coniston
Hussey Well Beck
icehouse, Brantwood
Ivy Crag, Coniston
Josies Jog, Raven Crag
Kernel Crag, Coniston
Kirby Quay, Coniston
Knipe Ground, Coniston
Kraken Wall, Little How Crags
Labyrinth, Coniston
Lad Stones Bield, Coniston
Lad Stones, Coniston
landing stage, Coniston
Lands Point, Coniston
Lanehead, Coniston
Laverock, Raven Crag
Lawson Park, Coniston
Lemming, Raven Crag
Levers Hawse, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite
Levers Water Beck
Levers Water, Coniston
Levers Waterfall, Coniston
limekiln, Fell End
limekiln, Low Yewdale
limekiln, The Rigg
limekiln, Walna Scar Road
limekiln, Willy Scrow
limekiln, Willy Scrow (2)
Limestone Haws, Coniston
Limestone How, Yewdale Fells
Ling Stone, Coniston
Little Arrow Moor, Coniston
Little Arrow, Coniston
Little Carrs, Coniston
Little Gem, Mart Crag
Little How Crags, Coniston
Long Crag, Coniston
Low Bank Ground, Coniston
Low Hall Garth, Coniston
Low Quarry, Coniston
Low Tilberthwaite, Coniston
Low Water Beck
Low Water Fall, Coniston
Low Water Quarries, Coniston
Low Water, Coniston
Low Waterfall, Cove Crag
Low Wether Crag, Coniston
Low Yewdale Cottage, Coniston
Low Yewdale, Coniston
Marabou, Raven Crag
Mart Crag, Coniston
Middle Quarry, Coniston
Miners Bridge, Coniston
Misty Slabs, Great How Crags
Monk Coniston Hall, Monk Coniston
Monk Coniston Moor, Coniston
Monk Coniston, Coniston
Moor How, Coniston
Moss Head Quarry, Coniston
Moss Rigg Wood, Coniston
mountain rescue, Coniston
Nameless, Long Crag
Napoleon, Great How Crags
Needler, Grey Crag
New Inn, Coniston
North Buttress, Low Wether Crag
NY11: earthquake 20101221 2259
NY30: earthquake 19920212 0256
NY30: earthquake 19961014 2228
NY30: earthquake 19961116 0132
Old Man of Coniston: ascent 1855
Old Man of Coniston, Coniston
Old Yew, Coniston
Original Route, Great How Crags
Original Route, Yewdale Crag
packhorse bridge, Torver
Park Coppice, Coniston
Park Nab, Colton
Penny Rigg Mill, Tilberthwaite
Penny Rigg Quarries, Tilberthwaite
Pierce How Beck
Pierce How Bridge, Coniston
Pinnacle Route, Kernel Crag
post box, Coniston
post box, Coniston (2)
post box, Coniston (3)
priory, Monk Coniston
Prison Band, Coniston
Privateer, Grey Crag
Pudding Stone, Coniston
Pussies Paradise, Raven Crag
quarry, Coniston
quarry, Coniston (2)
railway bridge, Coniston
rain gauge, Coniston
Raven Crag, Coniston
Raven Tor, Coniston
Red Dell Beck
Red Dell Fold, Coniston
Red Dell Head Moss, Coniston
Red Dell Works, Coniston
Red Dell, Coniston
road, Ambleside to Coniston
road, Broughton to Coniston
road, Coniston to Hawkshead
road, Coniston Water
road, Hawkshead to Whitehaven
road, Ulverston to Coniston
road, Windermere to Coniston
Rough Crags, Coniston
Route 1, Great Carrs
Route 2, Great Carrs
Route 3, Great Carrs
Rowlandson Ground, Coniston
Ruskin Museum, Coniston
Sacred Heart, Coniston
Saddle Stone Quarry, Coniston
School Beck
School Beck Bridge, Coniston
school, Coniston
school, Coniston (2)
Scorflufus, Cove Crag
Scrow Beck
Scrow Fold, Coniston
SD29: earthquake 19891112 1627
SD29: earthquake 20021230 0159
SD39: earthquake 20021230 0214
sheepfold, Coniston
sheepfold, Coniston (2)
sheepfold, Coniston (3)
sheepfold, Tilberthwaite Fells
Shepherd Bridge, Coniston
Slater Bridge, Little Langdale
Spoon Hall, Coniston
St Andrew, Coniston
station, Bank Ground
station, Beck Leven Foot
station, Coniston Water by boat
station, Hollin Bank N
station, Hollin Bank S
station, Old Man of Coniston
station, Water Head
stone wall, Coniston
summer house, Coniston
Sun Inn, Coniston
sundial, Brantwood
Sunlight Crack, Little How Crags
Sunshine Arete, Little How Crags
Swirl Hause Beck
Swirl Hause, Coniston
Swirl How, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite
Tarantula, Raven Crag
Tarn Hows Cottage, Coniston
Tarn Hows Wood, Coniston
Tarn Hows, Coniston
tarn, Coniston
Tarns, Tarn Hows
Tent Cottage, Coniston
Tent Lodge, Coniston
Three Shire Stones, Wrynose
Thunder Slab, Little How Crags
Thurston, Coniston
Thwaite Cottage, Coniston
Thwaite House, Coniston
Tilberthwaite Fells, Coniston
Tilberthwaite Fold, Tilberthwaite
Tilberthwaite Gill, Coniston
Tilberthwaite High Fells, Coniston
Tilberthwaite Mine, Coniston
Tilberthwaite, Coniston
Togus, Great How Crags
Tom Gill
Tom Heights, Coniston
Torver Bridge, Torver
tower, Coniston
Triddle, Low Wether Crag
trig point, NY2882101109
trig point, SD2723597827
Trinity Crack, Long Crag
Trio, Great How Crags
Tunnel Quarry, Coniston
Viking Crack, Grey Crag
Walna Scar Road
war memorial, Coniston
Water Head House, Coniston
Water Head Pier, Coniston
Water Head, Coniston
water trough, Coniston
water trough, Coniston (2)
Waterhead Inn, Coniston
Waterhead, Coniston
Wayside Cottage, Coniston
Well in Crag, Coniston
Wet Side Edge, Coniston
Wether Rib, Low Wether Crag
Wetherlam, Coniston
White Gill
White Wall, Long Crag
Yew Pike, Coniston
Yew Tree Farm, Coniston
Yew Tree Tarn, Coniston
Yewdale Beck
Yewdale Bridge, Coniston
Yewdale Crag, Coniston
Yewdale Fells, Coniston
Yewdale Hotel, Coniston
Yewdale Monarch, Coniston
Yewdale, Coniston

Old Cumbria Gazetteer - JandMN: 2013

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