Brathwaite 1638
pubd. index

ABerford p.23
Aldermanbury, at the Axe p.57
Allerton p.97
Allerton p.121
Appleby p.121
Ashton p.39
Ashton p.127
Askrig p.103
Author marries, and turns Farmer, p.117
Ayscarth p.101
Bainbrig p.103
Banbury p.13
Banister, a noted Innkeeper at Preston, p.39
Barnet, at the Purse, the Bears made him bewray himself p.55
Bautree p.87
Bessy Bell, a Song p.133
Bradford p.25
Bramham p.91
Brickhill p.51
Bruarton, a merry Story p.47
Budworth at the Cock p.43
Buntingford p.69
Burleigh p.79
Burton p.123
Cambridge p.73
Cardinal's Hat p.59
Carperby p.99
Caxton p.71
Clapham p.27
Clowne p.21
Coleshill, the Butcher's Wife there p.47
Coventry for Blue p.49
Crowbrow p.29
Crowbrow p.127
Cranes (Three) p.57
Daventry p.15
Daventry p.49
Dalton p.123
Darlington p.97
Darlington p.121
Dunchurch p.49
Dunstable p.53
Euston p.41
Ferry-brig p.89
Gandy (Tom) p.43
Garstang p.39
Gastile p.105
Giggleswick p.27
Godmanchester p.73
Godstow p.13
Gotham p.17
Green (Frank) of Stratford, and his handsome Wife p.51
Griffin in the Old-Baily p.57
Grantham p.83
Hardrow p.103
Harrington p.73
Hart's-horns p.59
Hauxide p.123
Haywood p.45
Helperby p.95
Highgate, the Horn there p.55
Hocklay-hole p.53
Hodsdon p.67
Holbourn-Bridge, at the Rose p.57
Holloway p.57
Holm-Chapel, for Ale p.43
Hornby p.123
Huntington p.73
Ingleforth p.123
Ingleton p.27
John (Little) p.17
John à Gant p.39
Islington, at the Lyon p.57
Islington, at the Lyon p.65
Kendall p.29
Kendall p.107
Kendall p.129
Kighley p.25
Killington p.105
Kingsland p.65
Kirkland p.29
Kirkland p.129
Knaves-acre near York, where the Piper was hang'd, and play'd afterwards, p.93
Leave taken of all the Places he drank at, p.111-117
Leicester, at the Bell p.17
Kitchfield, he borrow'd Money of an old Userer p.47
London p.65
Lonesdale p.29
Lonesdale p.125
Lousy Hill p.97
Maidenly John p.103
Malton p.119
Mansfield p.19
Meredin, merry with his Landlacy Joan, p.49
Middlam p.101
Middlam p.121
Mother Red Cap's at Holloway p.57
Natland p.29
Natland p.129
Nesham, for it's Nunnery p.97
Nesham, for it's Nunnery p.127
Newcastle under Line p.45
Newfound College p.75
Newton in the Willows p.41
Newark p.83
Nottingham p.17
Overbowles p.19
Ouston p.123
Oxford p.13
Penrith p.123
Pomfret for Liquorice p.89
Pomfret for Liquorice p.119
Preston p.39
Puckeridge p.69
Rainsford, and the Prelate p.75
Ravinglas p.123
Redburne p.53
Redmeer p.99
Retford p.85
Richmond p.99
Richmond p.127
Ridgelay p.45
Rippon p.119
Robin Hood, p.17 His Well, p.87
Robin Hood, p.17 His Well, p.87
Rosamund's Bower p.15
Rose, a pretty Girl at Newton in Lancashire p.41
Roslay p.123
Rothram, at the Bull p.21
Royston p.69
Sarah's Hole p.81
Sautry p.75
Scarlet, Robin Hood's Man p.17
Scrubie p.85
Sedberg p.105
Sherbourn p.91
Sherwood Drovers p.17
Smeton p.97
St. Albans p.55
Stamford p.81
Staveley p.31
Staveley p.131
Stilton p.77
Stone at the Bell p.45
Stonegate Hole p.73
Stratford p.51
Tadcaster p.91
Tauk-a-Hill p.43
Theobald p.67
Thyrsk p.95
Thyrsk p.121
Topcliff p.95
Topcliff p.119
Tosseter, where he sat up all Night, p.51
Totnam High-Cross p.65
Towlerton p.93
Tuxworth p.85
Wademill p.69
Wakefield Pindar p.25
Waltham-Abbey p.67
Wansforth-brigs p.77
Ware p.67
Warrington p.43
Wedon, where he vomited p.51
Wentbridge p.89
Wenchly p.101
Wetherby p.25
Wiggan p.41
Witham p.81
Woodstock p.15
Worton p.101
York, where he lay with the Weaver's Wife, p.91
Young, the Tobacconist p.59
Younger (Tom) of Brickhill p.51